For mobile devices, Whatsapp is a social messaging app which allows users to send images, text messages, audio, images and video clips in order to communicate with different people in contact list. In order to show your mood to your world, you can easily update best Whatsapp status on your account. Whatsapp has also become very effective for businesses, along with personal use. It is the best way to stay connected with customers to promote business. Local businesses use this communication tools to attract a lot of users in real time. With the help of Facebook, you can easily connect with your audience and Whatsapp enhances this communication and takes to another level.


Whatsapp has different features that you can use properly to promote your small businesses. Here are some of the amazing features to help you –

Group Texting

With the help of Whatsapp, you can target the whole group of audience by creating your Whatsapp groups sorted by interests, locations and demographics. This way you can easily target clients sharing similar demands and interests. Because of sharing content by group participants, it boosts the likeliness of getting your content viral.


Whatsapp is beyond sending texts to access your target audience. You can also use it to promote your products and services with audio, text and video formats so you can easily share the ideas and inspiration about your service and products to your potential clients. You can target audience by using broadcasting feature of Whatsapp.


With the help of Whatsapp, marketers can easily run amazing campaigns. You can easily ask the receivers to share their images using your services or products or posing with your billboard or at your store. You can offer several freebies and prizes in return through Whatsapp. This way, you can grow your business with relevant contacts and boost your reach.

Customer Support

With having a huge reach, you can use Whatsapp for customer support. Instead of calling you on toll-free numbers or sending emails, customers can find it easier to contact you through Whatsapp number. You can conveniently resolve issues for them and provide service and product information immediately along with advice with this medium. There are large numbers of people using Whatsapp nowadays. So, it is very easy to approach the prospective customers. Whatsapp has been completely becoming an easy and affordable tool for communication and it can be used innovatively and creatively by small businesses.

Whatsapp for Local Businesses

You may start using Whatsapp as your marketing tool to operate in local area and boost your profits and performance of marketing campaign. With the help of Whatsapp, you can send texts, audio and video clips for free. It works in every platform like iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows and Blackberry. Local businesses can easily share their Whatsapp contact to their audience so they can buy anything over Whatsapp. You can share images of services or products in a group of your potential buyers. You can share more information about emerging products in different ways.

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