How to Drive Carefully to Prevent Accidents (Road Safety)

There are many reasons due to which traffic accidents occur in our daily life. Various factors can be responsible for these drastic situations. But if we do some care while driving, then we can keep our self and others safe. In this scenario, Road Safety Education has become very necessary for all age groups.

While driving any vehicle, it is the prime responsibility of driver to drive in very organized and civilized way thereby reducing the chances of accidents. Various organizations and forums have published a lot for road safety in Toronto and around the globe, whereas now-a-days a lot of educational institutions have also started teaching this as a special subject in the category of Civilization.

There are many modest aspects, by following which, we can drive safely. Some of the essential are listed below:

Obey Signals

  • Always try to follow rules as implemented by various signals
  • Keep an open eye, whenever you are near signals
  • Don’t do rash driving, while you are near signals


Avoid Drinking:

  • Always try to avoid drinking during driving
  • Drinking can divert your attention from road
  • Often drunk drivers cause, serious mishaps


Do Not Communicate:

  • Don’t use cell phone when you are driving
  • Communication through any medium divert driver’s attention



  • Try to keep your vehicle maintained for each drive.
  • Regularly check your vehicle’s battery, tyres, brakes, lights, mirrors etc…
  • After each long drive, consult your mechanic for overhauling


Traffic Rules:

  • You must be well aware of all traffic rules necessary for road safety
  • Do remember these rules and being the responsible citizen of the society, follow them in true letter and spirit


Avoid Overtaking:

  • Don’t make it your habit to overtake always
  • Often times overtaking will lead you to very drastic disasters
  • If you are intended to overtake, do it from right side as per traffic rules



Obey Speed Limits:

  • Always put your maximum effort to obey speed limit as per the sign boards along the road
  • Don’t over speed because it is harmful in many cases



Use of Seat Belts and Helmet:

  • Make it your habit to have seat belts while driving any vehicle, as it is very necessary to keep yourself safe from harsh accidents
  • For bikers, use of helmet is very essential because it saves from severe head injury, which is very sensitive part of the body.

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