The Two Kinds of Road Trips for the overnight Desert Safari

A overnight desert safari in the deserts of Dubai is a special kind of tour that will allow you to traverse and journey through the deserts while experiencing several kinds of activities that will maximize your trip. Usually, on the way to a Bedouin style camp, you will be journeying across the deserts. This can either be done through a wildlife safari or a dune bashing activity. Unfortunately, you can select both. Thus, before you choose which of these two road trips you will take, you should first know the difference between them. This article will discuss those to you.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is an extreme off road activity. Have you ever heard of monster trucks journeying through the rough terrains of mountains? If yes, then dune bashing is similar to that. You will be having an off road experience on some sandy terrains. A special kind of vehicle is used for this trip, usually a Toyota land cruiser. This type of vehicle is used because of its low pressure tires that allow a smooth drive across the smooth and soft sand dunes of the desert. Other types of vehicle may be used as long as they are lightweight.

In this activity, you will be experiencing a ride similar to that of a roller coaster. There will be extreme upside downs with the vehicle. But you do not have to worry about your safety because the vehicle is equipped with the right gears and materials to maximize your safety. If you are an adventurous person who wants to experience the thrill and exhilaration, then this is the ride for you. However, keep in mind that dune bashing is not allowed for persons with disability, children, and senior citizens.


Wildlife Safari

Wildlife safari is the alternative for the dune bashing activity. This tour includes you being taken across the deserts of Dubai while witnessing the different types of fauna and flora thriving in it. The experience will be subtle, calm, and relaxing yet still thrilling. It will involve no extreme rides like that of the dune bashing. Thus, if you love to witness some living creatures on the desert and prefer this over the dune bashing activity, then you should choose the wildlife safari. You will also be taken in a wildlife conservatory area where you can interact with the different kinds of animals, just like touring a zoo in a desert.

With these things in mind, it is now up to you to decide which one to choose for your desert safari Dubai. Will it be the extreme road trip with dune bashing? Or will it be the relaxing wildlife safari?


Relaxing Dinner in the Dubai Desert Without Dune Bashing

As you may already know, a desert safari Dubai typically involves being fetched from your hotel, then traversing across the sand dunes, dune bashing before arrival at camp, and celebrating the various activities available in camp. However, you may still not know that there is a special kind of night safari trip wherein you will be able to experience the relaxing dinner at the middle of the desert without experiencing the extreme sand dune driving and bashing activities.

Usually, a safari trip in Dubai will include a dune bashing activity before arrival at camp. However, you can actually remove this extreme activity from your package and head straight directly to the camp wherein you will be able to enjoy the various activities provided in it.

The main target is the relaxing dinner at the middle of the desert. You will be able to taste and eat the various delicious foods available on the menu of the camp. Typically, the dinner would be a barbeque meal. You will never ever feel regret since the barbeque meat is very delicious and satisfying. In addition, you can enjoy the unlimited supply of refreshments at the bar. Whatever drink comes into your mind; you can always drink it at the bar available.

In addition, the main dinner will be complemented with various entertainment shows that will surely give a delight to your evening. Such shows include an impressive belly dance show with experienced women showing off how curvy and flexible their bodies are. You may also watch a magic show where experienced magicians will blow your mind as you watch them perform their various magical tricks. There will also be wearing of traditional costumes wherein you can take pictures and bring them home as lovely memories.

Now, you know that you can always enjoy your evening desert safari without a dune bashing activity. You can always head straight to the camp to enjoy the various activities provided in it.